Welcome! This is the home page for all things Hendrick!

This is my first ever Sims 4 legacy (I have failed five TS3 ones, and am currently plugging away at my sixth), and I probably won’t be playing by the official rules because, well, “you know what they say, laws are made to be broken”.  That, and I don’t really play to ‘win’ at these kind of challenges, I just play for fun and to see if I can actually make it to generation ten.

Though, as by the rules this is an Equal, Modern, and Democratic legacy challenge. Basically, everything the TS3 one was, because I am horrendous with change.

  • Equality; The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
  • Modern; Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.
  • Democracy; Heir polls!

The Legacy page is where you can find a list of all currently posted chapters, The Family page has information on each Sim in the family, hopefully including a family tree, and the Yours Truly page has information on me!

I don’t think there’s anything else I need to say other than let’s begin!